About Ben

Hi there! Contrary to popular belief, my name is Tim and you can find out more about me on my website: Coded Monkey. I’m the creator of the No Agenda website and founder of Octopod. The Dude Named Ben Blog is an initiative to share insights into my podcasting-related thoughts and projects.

Who’s Ben?
The term “Dude named Ben” is regularly used by the hosts of No Agenda to refer to IT guys (or “Dudette named Bernadette” for the IT ladies). It’s a reference to IT departments often being overlooked and undervalued within companies, while modern business processes don’t function if a problem occurs in the technology stack. When digital workflows stop, dudes named Ben are the only ones who can fix it and we’re happy to carry that burden, even if we don’t always get the recognition we deserve.

I’m not the only Dude named Ben connected to The No Agenda Show, in fact, there’s a whole team of dudes and dudettes named Ben and Bernadette out there and you can find out more about them below.

Void Zero (Mark van Dijk)
No Agenda Social
Who is Adam going to call with IT problems? Void Zero of course. From the No Agenda infrastructure all the way to Adam’s email, he single-handedly keeps it running, and they never had a fight!

Sir Bemrose (Ryan Bemrose)
PodcastNo Agenda Social
Whether you listen alone or with fellow producers, listening to the No Agenda Stream is free of charge and without advertising 24/7 because of to the hard work of Sir Bemrose. Thanks to his diverse curation of interesting and entertaining podcasts, there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

Dave Jones
PodcastIndex Social
Some people don’t need to start a podcast to change the podcasting industry, but Dave Jones did it both anyways when he joined Adam in starting the Podcasting 2.0 movement.

Paul Couture
Each episode of The No Agenda Show has unique artwork selected from the No Agenda Art Generator, created and maintained by Sir Paul.

Sir Dude Named Daniel
No Agenda Social
No Agenda is a global podcast which is why No Agenda producers are the best type of people you can meet up with, no matter which FEMA region you find yourself in today. Sir Daniel made this possible through No Agenda Meetups, so remember your resident dudes named Ben when meeting new friends out there.

Matt Hamilton

Dreb Scott
No Agenda Social
A picture says more than a 1000 words

Coded Monkey (Tim Goudriaan)
WebsiteNo Agenda Social
The No Agenda website isn’t just a podcast player. It’s a handcrafted work of art to experience everything No Agenda has got to offer, created by a simple dude named Ben, me. I also maintain this blog, thanks for reading! Please consider donating to keep it running.