In The Morning World

There are many flavors of podcasts, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses. The thing that draws me to The No Agenda Show has always been the quantity of information contained within the product Adam and John created. For me, it’s one of the few podcasts where the topics are often more interesting than the host’s opinion.

So who am I? My name is Tim and I created the website of The No Agenda Show, but for the purposes of this blog you can simply call me Ben. I started creating the No Agenda website in 2018 in the spirit of the value for value model as an independent project to create an archive of all things No Agenda. Since the show didn’t have a website yet (everything was hosted on Adam’s personal domain), Adam contacted me if it was possible to make it the official website of the show and we never had a fight.

Throughout the years that I’ve been helping to keep the show discoverable I’ve encountered many questions about the show and the community that has sprouted around it that deserve to be answered. Even though Adam & John do a good job of answering these questions during the show, having a place on the web where producers can go to read up on these topics would be a great addition to the show’s resources. These days a lot of announcements and support from companies is posted on the socials but social media platforms lack discoverability and urgency. it all disappears in the void next to the dead memes and verbal toxicity, no matter how valuable the content. So I’ve turned to the last place where I’m free to publish any type of content I want, a WordPress blog.

In addition to keeping the No Agenda website up-to-date with the latest Podcasting 2.0 features, I want to educate the producers of No Agenda about our community and help them become better producers through it. This blog is an attempt to tackle this challenge with posts explaining the values behind The No Agenda Show. Speaking of value.

Value 4 Value

The No Agenda community is valuable to me so the value I’ve been putting into the show up to this point has been coming out my own pockets. It’s something I enjoy and believe in, so it’s never been a problem. Solely relying on my own resources comes at a cost though, as it limits the time I can spend on No Agenda, even though I always have the itch to do more! That’s why I’m going to take a page out of the show’s playbook by implementing the value for value model for the No Agenda website.

The equation is simple, if the No Agenda website has been valuable to you, turn that value into a number and send it as a donation. With more funds, I’ll be able to put more work into propagating the show’s formula on the web. Not only for the generations of No Agenda producers to come but for all podcast listeners through the work I do with my Octopod initiative that aims to bring Podcasting 2.0 features to the web.

Thank you for your courage,
A Dude named Ben